We started this studio as 2-woman show.  We didn't know how big or quickly it would grow, (we're still navigating those waters...) but we had an idea and kept building the dream. We are ok with venturing into the unknown and adding layers as we go.  The newest layer to this creative space is our incredible staff!  Adding a layer this big is not taken lightly.  We want to bring you talented, experienced and dedicated people that align with artSPARK's values.  Basically we want the best for you and your kids while keeping true to the studio you have come to know and love.  You may see some new faces around, but I think you'll agree they feel like a great fit and add a fresh, creative perspective to the studio.  They have been working hard and already earning a great reputation. 

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Erin Gilroy

Lead Instructor

I am excited to bring my love of creativity, community, and environmental sustainability together.

After receiving my B.S in Art and Environmental Sustainability in my home town of Salem, MA, I made the cross country move to Denver. I have always felt compelled to commune directly with nature — be it under an aspen grove in the Rocky Mountains, or while enjoying a day at the beach. Any place wild and flowery is a constant source of creative inspiration for me.

My mediums of choice are fiber arts (felting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, etc.), printmaking, watercolor and mixed media, but I love all facets of art and creativity.  I love seeing that “light bulb” moment for kids, and adults, when they think of a creative idea or find that they actually CAN.  I also love how creativity so easily brings us together. I am passionate about being a guide at artSPARK to allow unique personalities and creative styles to shine.

Emily Milbauer

Birthday Party & Weekend Event Lead Instructor

From a young age, art and creativity have been defining parts of my personality. I was the kid who planned crafts to go with my birthday party themes and rarely finished art projects on time because I was completing the project in my own way. I went on to double major in Educational Studies and Art at Illinois Wesleyan University. While I have spent the years following college working in early childhood education, I have continued to create in many ways and share my creativity with my family, students, and coworkers daily. I have dabbled in a little of everything as techniques fit my ideas or needs, but tend to focus on fiber arts and mixed-media work. I am so excited to bring my passions for education and art together at artSPARK. 



Paige Darby

Studio Assistant

Ever since I was little, I have always expressed my feelings and personality through art. I combine watercolor, drawing, mosaic, and sculpture to create mixed media pieces that focus on the theme of identity. During my high school career at Compass Montessori, I realized that I wanted to share my love for art with the children I work with, and began looking into art therapy. Currently, I am working at The Montessori Academy of Colorado. I am also connected with Spirited Travels, a non-profit that visits Jamaica and Africa to work with kids, education, and art.


Grace Poggemeyer

Studio Assistant

I recently graduated from Chatfield Senior High and now attent Metropolitan State University of Denver. I am planning to study Art Education. I enjoy oil painting, watercolor, and drawing with graphite and ink. Being able to combine my love of working with children and my passion for art has been a dream come true at artSPARK!