artSPARK Creative Studio is a space to explore ideas and processes in a variety of art media--Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Collage, Fiber Arts, and more! We emphasize CREATIVITY, IMAGINATION, INSPIRATION, IDEAS, PROCESS, PLAY, CHOICES, INNOVATION, AND SELF-EXPRESSION! The artwork produced here is unique to the artist, showcasing each student's creative ideas, not just those of the instructor. We believe creativity blossoms when everyone can express their unique view of the world and is offered an individualized approach. The instructor is there to guide and provide knowledge of techniques, fundamentals, artists, art history, and art appreciation. We do not promote "cookie-cutter" art or encourage replicating others' art. We do encourage practicing 21st century skills like CRITICAL THINKING, COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION, RISK TAKING, AND PROBLEM SOLVING--all vital to boosting self-esteem and future success in life.

We want to create a COMMUNITY of learners that value AUTHENTIC CREATIVITY, rooted in process-based art. We want to connect all ages in creative exploration no matter what art experience you may have.  We have met people young (even Kindergarteners!) and old that were told they were not creative or good at art, and had lost confidence in their creative abilities (even outside the art room) ever since.  We also know people who have lots of experience creating and practicing art techniques and skills, but want a supportive community and space to continue to fuel the fire.  Then there are others who are great creative thinkers, but don't know much about technical skills and materials. And others who think they have "no creative bone in their body", but feel the urge to be a part of a creative community or deeply wish they were creative.  We know that EVERYBODY has a natural, innate need to create in some way!  It is part of the human experience.  artSPARK is a place for ALL of you!  

No matter your age, ability, or experience, this is truly a place to grow, learn, share, and allow your soul to shine a little brighter.  

We strive to create an inviting, non-judgmental environment.  We believe that kindness, patience and mindfulness set the foundation for the best learning.  We are a Montessori and TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) inspired studio.  It also has elements of a Reggio environment with its process-based approach and focus on each student as a unique individual.

Our Story

Michele and Andrea met while Andrea was teaching art at a  Montessori school in Littleton, CO.  Michele was a new parent at the school, and with her extensive art background, immediately inquired about volunteer opportunities in the art room.  They instantly connected about art, teaching and more. That same year Andrea was expecting her first child. She decided to teach part-time after her baby was born and knew it would be a natural fit for Michele to job share with her. Before Andrea could even finishing asking Michele if she'd be interested, she excitedly chimed in with, "I thought you'd never ask!"  

Six years later, they had created a powerful partnership, and a shared philosophy about teaching and art education that we want to bring to the larger community. They’d love for you to stop by and say hello!

photo courtesy of Kristiina Craven Photography

photo courtesy of Kristiina Craven Photography