Terrarium: Craft a Tiny Living World with Jen Dacpano 

There's something magical about a miniature world. In this workshop you'll create an interactive terrarium; a tiny thriving world. You'll make an open system succulent terrarium, complete with small objects, and microcraft tiny festive flags. A succulent terrarium is low maintenance and a perfect way to bring the outdoors in. Families welcome! We're sure that you will create a world that makes you smile every time you look at it, and hope you and/or your child will also indulge in some imaginative play and continue to build upon it long after the class is over. 5 student min/20 student max



$50 for 1 large terrarium includes: 3 plants, 3 figurines, a glass vessel, and other materials to create your tiny living world to be created by one person or Adult + Child (ages 5+)

$80 for 1 large + 1 small terrarium (2nd terrarium includes one plant, one figurine, and a smaller glass vessel) created by Adult + Child (ages 5+)

*Park on S. Curtice Street or in designated spots in back with access from Nevada St. or the alley off of Powers. Please do not park in Tavern/Smokin Fins lot.