how scheduling works

Many of our classes allow flexibility with your schedule.  We offer classes that meet the same times each week, you choose how often you'd like to come.  Sure, consistency is better and you will get more out of classes the more you come, but we get it.  Life happens.  And some of you live, breathe, and dream about art all day, every day while others want to play and tinker around every once in a while.  

Want to skip a week?  On vacation?  No problem!  You can come every week or every other week when it's convenient for you as long as we have availability.  (The one exception is enrolling in multi-class courses that require attendance at every class in the course)

Our multi-class packages save you money and can be shared with family members. Buy 1 CLASS or become a regular and buy a PACKAGE. The more you buy, the more you save. Packages do expire after a year and you will be sent a reminder email before the expiration.  Packages are not available for multi-week COURSE offerings.

Want to pay with cash or check?  Give us call and we'll add you to the class you'd like to attend and you can pay with cash or check when you get here.

it's best to rsvp 

Please RSVP by 9 pm the day before classes with package pricing (drop-in classes), so that we know you're coming and can set up the studio for you.  Drop-ins are always welcome if there is space available.  Classes will be canceled if the minimum is not signed up by 9 pm the night before.

To RSVP or PURCHASE you will need to REGISTER with an online account or contact us at the studio.

our studio rules

be kind. show respect. dress for a mess. clean up. have fun.

If someone is behaving in a way that is unsafe or unkind, we will do our best to resolve any problems as they arise. However, we reserve the right to ask a student to leave if they continue to disrupt the experience of other artists (without refund).

cancellations & payment policy

Workshops require a minimum number of participants and some require advanced sign up, so please don't wait until the last minute!

Full payment is required by the start of each class or event. There is a $30 returned check charge for any checks or debit transactions returned by the bank. 

If a class or event is canceled due to inclement weather, instructor illness or other factors, we will contact you ASAP and those classes or events  may be rescheduled.  If rescheduling is not an option, a refund will be given.  In the event of inclement weather we will follow the Littleton Public Schools snow delay/closure guidelines.


Reservations must be canceled by 9 pm the night before class (for drop-in package pricing classes) by going to your account, by phone or email.  No refunds will be given for late cancellation of a class.  Late cancellations will result in that class being deducted from your existing package.

Classes will be canceled if less than 4 participants are registered by 9 pm the day before the class or event.  In the case of a cancellation, we will contact participants with a refund or alternative date options.


You must do so 21 days prior to the start of the course, workshop, event, or school break camp camp to receive a credit or transfer.  (Summer camps are the exception. See Summer Camp Page for its own cancellation policy). These registrations are non-refundable.  Please check your dates carefully.  Late cancellations are not transferable or eligible for credit.  For workshops that hold your card on file instead of charging at time of reservation, your card on file will be charged 7 days before the workshop starts.

In some cases, workshops may be canceled if less than 4 participants are registered 48 hours prior to the event (unless otherwise noted). In the case of a cancellation, we will contact participants with a refund and/or alternative date options.

drop off/pick up

With exception of Creative Play Group (Adult + child class) and Open Studio, all of our classes and camps (including homeschool classes) are drop-off programs. Children 8+ have the option to be dropped off for Open Studio.

Please arrive on time. There is plenty of parking. Arrive no more than 10 minutes before the class to drop-off (unless you need to register and pay) and please pick-up at the listed dismissal time.

Late pick-ups may be subject to a $1/minute fee.

Let us know if someone else will be picking up your child. Other authorized persons to pick-up must be listed in your online account profile.  Either log in to update yours, or contact us so we can enter names of people authorized to pick up.  If they are not in your profile, we require written and verbal confirmation so please send an email and call or let us know in person.  These people will be required to show ID upon arrival.

spark time camps

School Break Camps: Bring a nut-free snack and water bottle for your child. Dress for the weather we will go outside for snack/play time whenever possible.

Summer Camps: Bring a nut-free snack, water bottle, lunch if enrolling in full day, and wear sunscreen if needed. We do go out for lunch/snack and play time.

Frequently Asked Questions

how do I register online? 

The SIGN IN OR SIGN UP tab will get you where you need to go.  Or you can click on one of our blue 'Sign Up' buttons on the website pages or go to  Follow the prompts to create your account.  Please use one account for the whole family.  In your account you can designate dependents that you manage and keep track of kids' schedules + share packages with the whole family. This allows you to purchases classes, view available spots and instructors assigned to each class, and RSVP for the class you want. When buying packages, PURCHASE FIRST, THEN RSVP+SCHEDULE for the days/times that you want.  When buying for multiple people you an add more items to your cart before checking out.

can siblings share a multi-class package? 

Yes!  Any packages you buy on this account can be used for all family members you list in the profile (as long as they meet the age requirement for the class).  

how many students are in each artSPARK class?

Class sizes are limited to 12-15 students to ensure personal attention from the teacher and ample space to work. 

where is artSPARK Creative Studio located?

We are in Littleton at Riverside Downs 2630 W Belleview Ave Suite 160.

are parents required to stay during the class period?

With the exception of Creative Play Group (Adult + child) and Open Studio, parents are expected to drop off (Children 8+ can be dropped off for Spark Open Studio).  Children should be walked to the studio by an adult who stays until the beginning of class start time. Curbside pick up is not acceptable for safety reasons.  Children are expected to be picked up at the listed dismissal time.

*Please note that our classes for ages 3 and up are designed to foster independence, self reliance, and individuality through art making.  This is achieved when parents allow children to work freely and independently.  For families that want to make art together, we recommend our Creative Play Group (Adult + Child) and Spark Open Studio. 

is there a sibling discount?

Everybody gets a discount with our package pricing. If you would like discount pricing, please purchase a multi-pack for each child or family. 

can siblings/friends share a multi-class pack?

Yes for siblings.  In a case where you would like to give a pass to a friend, please have the friend's parent/legal guardian create an account and then tell us you will be using your package for him/her.  We need every parent/legal guardian to sign our Liability Waiver and have emergency info on hand.  Each family or adult attendee needs to have a separate account. You will be prompted to sign the waiver when you create an account online.

can i bring guests?

Yes, you may bring a friend or other family member to class. First, please make sure there is space available in the class you are attending. Secondly, have them create an account & purchase a single class online or sign our waiver and pay in the studio.  If you are paying for your guest, please see question above.  Registration must be completed by the child's parent/legal guardian.

are you a nut free facility?

We strive to be allergy aware and provide a safe environment for your child.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for indicating any allergies or other medical conditions of the child upon creating an account, and promptly updating us if there are any changes to that information.  ANY FOODS CONTAINING NUTS OR NUT INGREDIENTS ARE KEPT AWAY FROM THOSE WITH ALLERGIES AND IT IS NOT OUR POLICY TO SHARE FOOD.

We exercise reasonable care and precautions to minimize the risk of food-related allergic reactions by  implementing, communicating & enforcing our allergy aware policy; however, artSPARK Creative Studio does not in any way ensure that the risk of food-related allergic reactions are completely mitigated, nor does it assume liability for any food-related allergic reactions. Parents/Guardians assume full responsibility for their child’s allergies and medical conditions and those participants that carry an epi-pen are required to sign an epi-pen waiver before participating in any activities.

how sick is too sick for art class?

This probably one of those questions you know the answer to. At artSPARK, we prefer to share creativity, not germs. We sit together sharing art materials, so in consideration of others, please refrain from sending your child to the studio when they are not feeling well. If your child is too sick for school, they are presumed to be too sick to attend art class, no matter how miraculous their recovery is when you inform them that they have to miss it. We reserve the right to restrict admission or send a child home, when in our opinion, that child is ill or risks the health or well being of other children.

do you take donations?

Yes! We love to inspire young friends to consider their impact on our community. So, think of us when you have any of the listed items and we’ll put it to good use!

  • Tops to squeezable fruit pouches

  • Dried out markers (we make liquid watercolors out of them)

  • Extra art supplies

  • Paper towel and toilet paper tubes

  • Paper-all shapes, sizes, colors, textures

  • Yarn, trimmings, sewing notions, beads

  • Cardboard

  • Small tins (like Altoids)

  • Bottle caps (clean)

  • Wood scrap and especially hardware-preferably small-medium pieces so small hands can build

No boxes or bags of random items left at the door please. We are so grateful for contributions, and drop-off items are most helpful when organized in a pile like paper in a bunch, or bottle caps in a bag. When in doubt send us an email and ask whether we’re able to take your items. Thank you!

does artSPARK host special events such as birthday parties?

Yes!  artSPARK parties mean unforgettable fun!  We provide a take home art project(s) for each guest, and a unique collaborative piece of artwork created for the birthday child by his/her guests.  artSPARK offers flexibility and will work with parents to host a SPARKtacular party. Visit our PARTIES page for more information or email us to reserve your party date! 

will that wash out?

Maybe.  We have smocks available but it’s less encumbering for kids to just wear clothes that are ok to get messy.  We always suggest that kids put on a smock but we can’t guarantee they won’t get paint on their clothes.  Or shoes.  Or in their hair…With few exceptions, most of the materials we use in the studio are washable, but in our experience, even “washable” paint can have a mind of its own and can stain, depending on the fabric and other factors.

For parties, please don’t arrive decked out in your best party dress or black tie tux – party projects are usually planned with only washable art supplies but better safe than sorry!

my child is busy with sports or other activities... do you offer drop-in times?

Absolutely.  We understand that kids are busy these days.  However, drop-ins are welcome only if we have spots available.  To assure a spot, please Check out scheduler.

what are the credentials of the instructors? 

The teachers at artSPARK are nurturing and knowledgeable art educators with substantial experience teaching art.  Read bios and more information about our staff.

do you offer private lessons? 

artSPARK is not currently able to offer private lessons.

do you offer refunds?

We generally do not offer refunds. If for some reason you are not satisfied with what we are doing or something unexpectedly comes up, please let us know!  We will do our best to make it right and offer a refund for classes on an individual basis. We do not offer refunds on camps or birthday party deposits.

CONTACT US with any questions or inquiries. Thanks for being a part of artSPARK Creative Studio!