Adult + Child Intention Bracelet: ages 5 and up

with Jen Dacpano

In this workshop you will devote time creating together. Each person will design one beaded bracelet by stringing natural stone beads and one charm (optional) onto elastic cord. Your bracelets will become a cherished memento that will remind you both of your connection. After creating your bracelets, Jen will teach you a short and easy way to ground yourself in the moment as well as how to charge your bracelets with intentions and use them for taking deep breaths. 

Sunday August 4


$20 per person (each child AND adult must register) 

10 student min/15 max

"I love the idea of the mala, believing that when you use it for meditation or mindfulness, you carry those positive intentions with you." Jen Dacpano.

Jen Dacpano is a wife, mother of four and artisan of In Creative Bliss on Etsy who believes that building creative community and spaces for people is her calling. More about Jen's mission at Email or call 720.341.9737 for more details.