Looking to add art into your homeschool curriculum?  artSPARK offers 90 minutes of creative work time to experiment with a variety of art media or master a skill. We offer a creative space for 2-D and 3-D ideas.  Draw, paint, print, collage, sculpt, sew, weave, or tinker around making your ideas happen!  All centers open each day.  Every class will begin with a mini-lesson on the way an artist thinks, a new technique, skill, or project inspiration.  We follow the students and their interests, incorporating art history and appreciation as it applies to or challenges the group.  We believe the process is just as (and sometimes more important than) the product.  Students are allowed and encouraged to choose how to best express their own ideas or advance in the skills they desire. 2 student minimum/15 student maximum.  

Tuesdays 11:30-1:00----These classes will start again in September---check out our SUMMER CAMPS now

16 pk Semester PAY IN FULL OR INSTALLMENTS for ONE child: $304 ($19 each)

14 pk Semester PAY IN FULL OR INSTALLMENTS for ONE child: $266 ($19 each)    

1 class: $24     4 pk: $89       6 pk: $133      8 pk: $169     12 pk: $239                                               

*Our multi-class packages can be shared with family members.

Please RSVP by 7am, the day of the class, so that we can expect you. 

If your child is close to turning 5, please call us to discuss if he/she is ready for a "big" kid class.

$8 Introductory Rate:  EVERYONE is entitled to this ONE-TIME offer on ONE type of class.  Even if you've already purchased a class or package at regular price.  Load it in your cart ONE time for each family member.

*Park on S. Curtice Street or in designated spots in back with access from Nevada St. or the alley off of Powers. Please do not park in Tavern/Smokin Fins lot.

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