SPARK CLUB!  Ages 5-12 or 10-15

Let your creativity spark after school is done!   

We offer a creative space for 2-D and 3-D ideas.  Draw, paint, print, collage, sculpt, sew, weave, or tinker around making your ideas happen! All centers open each day.  Every class will include a lesson on the way an artist thinks, a new technique, skill, or project inspiration.  We follow the students and their interests, incorporating art history and appreciation as it applies to or challenges the group.  We believe the process is just as important as the product.  Andrea Rollins will lead and guide each Spark Club class, following each child's interests, and helping each artist advance in his/her own process at his/her own skill level.  Students are allowed and encouraged to choose how to best express their own ideas to make artwork that is personally meaningful. 

These after school classes follow our model of flexible scheduling.  You buy a single class or package of classes and come on the days/weeks that work for you.  Some people like to come every once in a while for creative time and to tinker around.  For other people, creating is a passion and must be part of their regular schedule.  

For those dedicated with an artistic passion, we have something special and exciting lined up for you!  Read below...


Buy the 12 class pk and get the full experience of being an artist.  Your child will get a sketchook, create a portfolio, and be part of a COMMUNITY ART SHOW at GRACEFULL CAFE in Downtown Littleton!  You must schedule your 12 classes during the months of September - December.  Art show will be in January with an opening artist's reception.  You do not need to attend every week and can come on the days it works for you.  If you want to schedule more than 12 classes you can buy extra and come every week, or twice a week for ages 5-12!

Fall Classes run September 5th - December 21st                                                                                                         

No classes the week of Thanksgiving and December 25th - January 5th.  

Spring Classes run January 16th - May 24th.

Please RSVP or cancel by 9 pm the night before the class.    5 student min / 12 student max

1 class: $24     4 pk: $90    6 pk: $135    

12 pk: $275 (includes, sketchbook, portfolio, and entry into a kids only art show at Gracefull Cafe on Friday, January 12th, 5-8 pm!  MUST PURCHASE BY SEPT. 15  Please RSVP on the days/weeks you want to come.  Unused classes do not roll over into next semester and are not refundable.)

When you rsvp or buy classes, you will be prompted to log in or register for an account. 

AGES 5-12:  Mondays & Tuesdays 

Drop off between 4:00-4:15 & pick up at 5:30 pm

HOME SCHOOL AGES 5-12:  Wednesdays  10:00 - 11:30

**This class has been CANCELED**--if you have a group of at least 5 homeschoolers that want a day time class, please contact us.  Otherwise please consider joining this class during our after school times.

TWEEN/TEEN AGES 10-15:  Thursdays

 Drop off between 4:00-4:15 & pick up at 5:30pm  

*Our multi-class packages expire one year after purchase and can be shared with family members, except for the 12 class pk which expires 12/21/17.  Each artist must buy the 12 class pk to be part of the show.

$8 Introductory Rate:   EVERYONE is entitled to this ONE-TIME offer on ONE type of class.  Even if you've already purchased a class or package at regular price.  Load it in your cart ONE time for each family member.  NOTE: This offer is not valid for session based classes.

*Park on S. Curtice Street or in designated spots in back with access from Nevada St. or the alley off of Powers. Please do not park in Tavern/Smokin Fins lot.