CREATIVE PLAY GROUP: Adult + Child  ages 1-6 with a Caregiver (formerly known as Spark Start)

Share some creative messy time with your little one(s). Creative Play Group classes are 45 minute, process oriented art and play classes for children to take with a caregiver. Children will enjoy moving freely between different media centers set up with drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, sensory and play materials. Experimentation and play will be encouraged resulting in an art experience that is meaningful to them. Adults are encouraged to follow the lead of the child. Dress for a mess. We provide smocks but play clothes are highly recommended for both the child AND adult. 

1 Adult + Child pair min/10 Adult + Child pairs max.  Adults may attend with more than one child.  Each child is charged for the class; no charge for Adults.

June-August Schedule: Fridays 9:30-10:15

September-May Schedule: Monday 9:30-10:15,  Wednesday 9:30-10:15, Thursday 9:30-10:15, and Fridays 11:00-11:45 when there is not a school break camp (check the schedule

Classes will be cancelled during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks to allow time for School Break Camps. 

1 class: $12     4 pk: $45      6 pk: $67     8 pk$84            

*Our multi-class packages can be shared with family members.

*Please RSVP by 7am the day of the class, so that we know you're coming and can set up the studio for you. 

$8 INTRODUCTORY RATE: EVERYONE is entitled to this ONE-TIME offer on ONE type of class.  Even if you've already purchased a class or package at regular price.  Load it in your cart ONE time for each family member.

*Park on S. Curtice Street or in designated spots behind artSPARK with access from Nevada St. or the alley off of Powers. Please do not park in Tavern/Smokin Fins lot.

When you rsvp or buy classes, you will be prompted to log in or register for an account.